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Masonry crowns (the casting on top of masonry chimneys) crack due to weather factors. Over 10+ years, a rain pan made from galvanized sheet metal will begin to rust through.

Once the rust begins, water seeps in to your home, and you suffer water damage. The cost of preventing this type of damage is usually a fraction of the cost involved in repairing damage caused by water. And the sooner you repair it when you see a problem, the more you will save in the long run.

At ATLANTA CHIMNEY WORX, we know that you want your roof repaired quickly. We believe that you shouldn't wait for your order more than 5 business days, so we offer a quick turn-around time - AND a 10 year limited warranty on all products we sell.

Don't wait until your home needs major repairs - let us help you prevent them.

Our Services Include
- Masonry and Prefab Fireplace Sales, Installation and Maintenance
- Fireplace and Chimney Inspection - Chimney Cleaning
- Masonry Chimney Caps - Lock-Top Dampers - Rainpans/Chimney Pans - Vented & Vent-Free Gas Logs (Ventless Gas Logs)
- English Coal Baskets - Masonry Firebox and Chimney Repairs - Prefabricated Fireplace Brick Liners
- Gas Lights Installation and Service - Outdoor Grills and Fire Pits
... and MORE!
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